Why is it magic?

The reason why the knife is so magic is because of the holes.

When you push the knife forward with very little downward pressure you push air into the food, so on hard food like swede
and butternut squash you don't get a suction on the knife, therefore easing the effort you have to use.

On anything soft, like bread and tomatoes, you use a sawing motion with no downward pressure over the food.
This will give you the perfect slice of fresh bread and the thinnest slice of tomato.

The knife is also double tapered so fantastic for left handed people too.

The 8" knife is great for carving meat and filleting fish due to the flexibility of the blade.

The 5" knife is great for all your vegetable preparation but can also do everything the 8" knife will do,
so perfect for those who do not like a large knife.