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Extend your knife guarantee from one-year to life-time.

To activate your guarantee and receive a life time discount code, please enter your 12-digit code, located on the back of your registration card, in the boxes below and complete the remaining fields:

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The terms of the Guarantee

1.  A guarantee is valid for the expected life of the product purchased, which for the Magic Knife is ten years, and excludes any normal wear and tear.

2.  A knife is replaced on an exchange basis, and costs for returning the knife are the responsibility of the purchaser.

3.  There is a postage and packaging charge of £5.00 + £5.00 Statutory age verification. (Please note: it can be arranged for a knife to be exchanged at a show thus saving all posting charges)

4.  With a guarantee, the user must pay for the usage they have had. As an example, if a knife failed after two years usage, the user has had two of the expected ten years usage and would pay two tenths of the cost of a new knife.

5.  The lifetime discount code can only be redeemed against new online orders and not in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Please note that registration is not complete until you have received a registration certificate by email. This is your Proof of Purchase and must be submitted with any claim. It is essential that you update us with any changes to this certificate as they arise, or it will not be a valid Proof of Purchase and any claim rejected.

All knives purchased in one transaction will be covered by the registration, but subsequent purchase will require a new registration.

  I have read and understand the terms of the guarantee.