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Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
Bill Rudd
11 December 2019

disappointed that the knife has lost some of its coating - and its once superb cutting edge after only six months. Have had to re-sharpen the blade to restore its cutting edge - however it still cuts extremely well

MAGIC KNIFE 11 December 2019. Hi Bill. The Teflon does wear off in time but does not affect the performance of the knife. The wear is acclerated if the knives are put in a dishwasher. As a rule of thumb, and it does depend how the knives are used, we recommend a light sharpening about every two months, so I'm not surprised you noticed the difference. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Reg East
8 December 2019

Have now had mine for 3 years and is been great but bent tip due to misuse and am just going to order new one

Magic Knife 8"
2 December 2019

Purchased the 5" and 8" knives and unfortunately the handle has come away from the 8" knife whilst my husband was carving our sunday roast. The 5" knife seems to be ok. We don't have a dishwasher so everything is hand washed. Very disappointed

MAGIC KNIFE 03 December 2019. Hi. Sorry to hear you have this problem. Please email me on and we'll get it sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Brian & Pam
1 December 2019

A well balanced knife with a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip. As advertised these are very sharp blades (this is good as a sharp blade is much safer than a dull one), just treat them with due respect as with any cutting tool. Also,it's very easy to maintain the keen cutting edge with the provided sharpening tool, many other kitchen knives seem impossible to sharpen and/or maintain a good edge. The holes in the blade do work in helping to reduce friction and releasing the food being cut. overall an excellent buy.

Box Set
Mrs Sahib
26 November 2019

I love using these Knives, it's twice as fast when it comes to chopping compared to other knives. I wouldn't change these knives at all. Really happy with my purchase. Worth the money.

Magic Knife 5"
Christine Cameron
18 November 2019

Great knife sits well in hand so easy to use. Tackles hard skin fruit & veg very well

Box Set
Emma Frost
18 November 2019

I have been very pleased with our knives, scissors and peeler although have noticed that the stainless steel coating on one of the knives is wearing off. It started to wear off within a couple of week's use which was a little disappointing but has not affected the performance of the knife.

MAGIC KNIFE 18 November 2019. Hi Emma. We're just wondering if you have been putting the knives in a dishwasher as this will accelerate the wear of the Teflon? Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
16 November 2019

This knife has been used just about every day since we purchased it. It was bought specifically as it would cut through swedes with much reduced effort than normal. It has proved to be an excellent, all purpose knife and much recommended.

Box Set
Jenny Morgan
14 November 2019

Excellent so far, especially good for taking skin off fish and cutting hard vegetables.

Magic Knife 8"
Norma Daniels
12 November 2019

This is an excellent product that keeps a keen edge for a long period and it is used in our household for all cutting and slicing daily. The edge is honed perfectly every time with the accompanying sharpener with little effort.

Box Set
11 November 2019

We bought the Magic Knife box set at an expo and it is now the only set of knives we want to use. The knives are light, sharp and just flexible enough to go around contoured shapes without too much waste. I would recommend these knives and my siblings have already bought their own sets based on trying ours.

Box Set
Great knives
7 November 2019

These knives have been brilliant so far still cut easily with the odd sharpen needed, my only complaint is that the grey finish is starting to wear off exposing the silver metal below but this is more cosmetic.

Box Set
Paul D
7 November 2019

Bought knives at grand designs exhibition and found them really good. They keep their edge really well & only had to give 2 of them (our most used) a very light resharpen twice so far, just a few strokes across the sharpener and good as new.

Magic Knife 8"
6 November 2019

The knife is great. It is so easy to clean and very sharp - saves a lot of time when cutting lots of things. I am really enjoying using the knife and am glad I invested in the magic knife, it really is magic!

Magic Knife 8"
5 November 2019

Excellent product

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