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Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
11 January 2021

Best knives I have ever owned!! Bought my 8" and 5" as a set and the year after I purchased the Knife sharpener from a show in Birmingham many years ago. Have just replaced the 8" as the knife snapped at the handle on Christmas eve prepping veg. Excellent communication over the Christmas period to inform a little later delivery. These knives are used every single day since I've had them. Thank you very much x

Joyce Thomas
7 January 2021

I bought this with the 3" knife in a local Show. I have got to say the potato peeler is the best !!! cannot fault it !! but the handle of the 3" knife broke so disappointed and that was brilliant too. I am now ordering another 3" and 5" knife.

MAGIC KNIFE 08 January 2021. Hi Joyce. Sorry to hear you have a problem with your 3" blade knife. Please do email me on and we'll see if we can sort this under guarantee. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Reena Parmar
4 January 2021

Fantastic product! I like all the knives and have the whole set. Can't recommend enough. The knives are so sharp and cut through things so smoothly.

Magic Knife 8"
28 December 2020

Knives are excellent but the 8 inch knife has rusted and and snapped off in the handle. We have had two and they have both done the same. We wouldn’t change knives as they are amazing to use. Very disappointed that the 8 inch one keeps doing this.

MAGIC KNIFE 30 December 2020. Hi Richard. Sorry to hear you have had a repeat of the problem. Please do email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Claire Audritt
28 December 2020

Over the last 20 years I have had Sabatier knives, John Lewis knives, Cuisine Pro and Pampered Chef knives BUT my Magic Knives are the best and therefore my favourite. Superb performance and they stay so sharp. I am a good home cook, who worked in catering kitchens in my youth and so I take food very seriously and these knives are a serious bit of kit. What a find!

Magic Knife 5"
Patricia Townshend
27 December 2020

As usual a beautifully sharp knife.

Magic Knife 8"
It is pure magic
20 December 2020

I love this knife, it’s the second one I own as my husband broke my first one being to hashy. It is the only knife I have found that actually cuts a turnip and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. It is mostly the only knife I use in my house and one day I will buy a smaller one as sometimes you just need a smaller knife. I certainly have no complaints and would highly recommend the Magic Knife

MAGIC KNIFE 21 December 2020. Hi. Please remember that your guarantee registration certificate has a code on it that will give a good discount on website orders, should you wish to get a smaller knife before we get back to doing shows. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
17 December 2020

Just to say that I bought a box set last November....and have never looked back! I also completed the guarantee and a year later received an email with a competition, which I completed... I am very happy to say I won a Chromebook!......thank you -it came today!!

Box Set
14 December 2020

These knives are absolutley amazing. I have box set and use them every day, they stay sharpe for longer than any other knife I've owned, I do recommend these knives to anyone who is looking for quality and value for money, I wouldn't ever be without my knives. With a lifetime guarantee, its a great gift for any household.

Box Set
Christina GIbbons
12 December 2020

Fantastic knives. I use them all every day. So sharp and clean cutting is great.

Magic Knife 8"
29 November 2020

Boughtboughtbouught the knife at Castle Howard Food Festival 2 years ago. Keeps sharp, well balanced and good value, until this morning. The tang (the bit that goes fits into the handle) rusted through, resulting in a sliced finger and not a sliced Carrot! Other than that a good knife.

Magic Knife 30 November 2020. Hi, sorry to hear and hope your finger soon heals. Please email us on and we'll see what we can sort out. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Jayne Pearson
26 November 2020

Really lovely knife to work with. Light and easy to hold, comfortable handle. Good quality. Bought it in a set for my caravan but too good not to use everyday at home. Highly recommend.

Customer Service
Great Customer Service!
11 November 2020

Hi. I just want to say how efficient and helpful the customer care had been from Phil and Lesley. I've had my 8' and 5' knife for 5 years and they are so good that they are the only knifes I use. The handle of the 5" broke but I couldn't find the guarantee. They asked me some questions, tracked when I bought it and reissued the guarantee. I can now have my much loved knife back and have actually ordered some more to add to my collection. I can thoroughly recommend them Magic Knife as a company!! Amanda

Magic Knife 5"
Helen Ballinger
27 October 2020

Really is the best knife I have ever had, sharpens so well and holds its edge. Very happy with my purchase

Magic Knife 8"
27 October 2020

I have had these knifes for a number of years. I actually threw away all of my others. Recently my handles had deteriorated so needed to have some replacements. I had registered for the extended guarantee. Just wonderful. The process of getting some replacements was so simple. I am just awaiting delivery now. I have read some comments where persons have said they felt aggrieved by having to pay towards the replacements. Knives are a consumable item, therefore they will experience wear and tear. I have replaced what I needed to and I have purchased an additional knife too. I also have the scissors and the sharpener. I can highly recommend the products and service. Excellent is all I can say.

MAGIC KNIFE 27 October 2020. Hi. Well summed up. Happy Cutting, Phil & Lesley

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