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Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
15 September 2021

Bought a box set about 2 years ago and pleased they boasted about a lifetime guarantee. Have always hand washed them as advised. I was very surprised when the knife blade came out of the socket today - I was on chopping and onion! Shame as I really like my knife set but not sure I want to pay £30for it to last 2 years only

MAGIC KNIFE 16 September 2021. Hi Pat, sorry to hear this. Our products are covered by guarantee, so please email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
12 September 2021

The best knives ever!

Magic Knife 8"
J Wilk
2 September 2021

I have a set of magic knives and have found them to be excellent but not the black coating is coming off on food. Rather concerned about this.

MAGIC KNIFE 03 September 2021. Hi. Teflon does wear off in time, usually during the washing process, and this does not affect the performance of the knife. The wear is accelerated if the knives are put in a dishwasher. In this case, a good scouring and then a light sharpening should improve things. Should you have any further queries, please do email me on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Vicky Stanton
24 August 2021

I have all 3 sizes of knives now and I love them I don't use any other knife to prepare or cut food. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who is just thinking are they as good as they claim.. Yes they are. I've been a happy customer for 5 years in total.

Magic Knife 8"
Anita Roberts
18 August 2021

Always my go to knife - can’t fault them

Magic Knife 5"
13 August 2021

I love using this knife - it’s so sharp it makes preparing several kilos of vegetables for the grandchildren almost a pleasure!

Magic Knife 8"
13 August 2021

Had Magic knives for over 12 years the best i have for sure don't use anything else easily maintained highly recommend

Magic Knife 8"
9 August 2021

I love this knife so much that I now don't use any of my other knifes

Box Set
4 August 2021

These are the best knives ever. I got my first set of two at the Caravan and Motorhome show in Birmingham. They were for use is my motorhome. I had the boxed set for home. I have Arthritis, they make cutting fruit and veg so easy.

Magic Knife 8"
1 August 2021

Very nice knife. Cuts smoothly and easily through soft or hard items, from tomatoes to butternut squash. I've had it for 6 months now and it is now just about feeling that it could do with a sharpen just to bring it back to it's prime. Very impressed with it and hope to add more to my collection soon enough.

Magic Knife 8"
Yvonne Washington
31 July 2021

Absolutely the best knife EVER Cuts and glides through with complete ease. we now have 3! highly recommended

Magic Knife 5"
Mary Toynton
30 July 2021

We love these knives. I can even cut up squashes and other hard vegetables with them.

Magic Knife 8"
Lyndy D
28 July 2021

This was a replacement knife as the original snapped at the handle. Dangerous! Even under guarantee still had to pay small amount for replacement. Yes they are sharp knives with a comfortable handle in use. The coating on the knife wears off which makes them look scruffy and unprofessional and needs to be revised. Would I purchase again - No. will you publish this review, I very much doubt it.

MAGIC KNIFE 28 July 2021. Hi Lyndy. It's an honest review and your opinion is respected. The coating wearing off does not affect the performance of the knife, they still cut as good as any knife but at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a Lyndy in our records to email you a personal reply. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
26 July 2021

I bought a middle size Magic Knife and loved it so much I bought the larger one. I have been buying them for all my friends as birthdays presents. At first they look quizical but after they have used it, I get really grateful messages from them. Word of warning, be very careful when using to start with. I had a few cut fingers, but now I’ve got used to them. Quote from my son. “They are my ‘go to ‘ knives to use in the kitchen”

Magic Knife 8"
25 July 2021

My absolute favourite knife! It's my go to knife for everything from cutting fruit and bread to cutting meats! It cuts through everything effortlessly!

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