Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Box Set
Peter Tyler
28 June 2019

Superb knives. I look after them well - they are not for general use! I keep them keen with the supplied sharpener which works perfectly. The knoves cut easily through meat and veg other knoves struggle with. Top product.

Box Set
Eileen Norfolk
28 June 2019

Excellent, Best purchase we’ve made in the knife department and value for money too. Makes slicing, cutting and dicing so easy especially on root and tough veg.

Box Set
tim berry
27 June 2019

Best knife set ever !!!!

Magic Knife 3"
Tom Williams
26 June 2019

Excellent knife. Probably the most-used of our knives.

Magic Knife 8"
Martin Tock
25 June 2019

Fantastic knife. It glides through each cut of any fruit,veg , meat and bread. Love the knife and hope to never need to replace it. Looking to have more in the future

MAGIC KNIFE 26 June 2019. Hi Martin. Good to hear your happy wiht ypur purchase. Do remember that if you can't make it to a show for any future purchases, the code on your Guarantee Registration Certificate gives asubstantial discount on all online orders. Happy Cutting, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
18 June 2019

Love these knives and use them all the time. Was so impressed that I bought a set for 2 of my sisters.

Box Set
Eliza Griffiths
15 June 2019

I'm glad both this knife,very light and very sharp easy to it

Magic Knife 8"
14 June 2019

Great product, makes cutting food of all sorts simple. Slices through food without needing to use force and great on break as well.

Box Set
Super knife Set
13 June 2019

Very sharp and because of the holes in the blades, they cut even through the hardest items. I love them and don’t use any other knifes in my kitchen anymore.

Box Set
12 June 2019

These are amazing knives and will cut anything. I also bought the sharpener and peeler, great products.

Magic Knife 8"
Paula Cannell
12 June 2019

Of all its many uses cutting through fresh, crusty sourdough crust without spraying crumbs or flattening the loaf is my delight.

Box Set
Simon Heffernan
11 June 2019

I use all of the items in the magic knife box regularly, the three knife cut really well and are away always sharp, the larger knife is very good for cutting the fresh bead that I bake myself. The scissors do what it said on the box, they really do cut through chicken bones. A fantastic product, I love it.

Magic Knife 8"
Carey English
8 June 2019

I love my Magic Knife 8”, I love my long Magic Knife and my vegetable Magic Knife. I don’t use any other knives. They are so sharp and light to handle. I have given Magic Knives to all my grown up children, to my brother and my sister. Everyone in the family thinks they are great.

Magic Knife 8"
Dominique Maclellan
7 June 2019

Love my magic knife. It’s my go to knife for chopping and slicing and it never seems to get blunt. L Don’t put it in the dishwasher though!! My family have been warned of dire consequences if they ruin my knives!!!!!

Box Set
Maisie Birkin
6 June 2019

These are the best knives i have ever owned! Had them 6 months and still not needed to sharpen! Every knife i’ve owned before has always needed sharpening daily! I would highly recommend

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