Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 3"
Frank G Osborn
30 September 2017

Purchased the larger 8” when they first went on sale in UK [approx. 2000] and found it the best knife I or any of the cooks that I know had every held. I am pleased to say that it is still as sharp as when I first got it despite being used every day since. I am even more pleased to find the 3” knife I bought this year is even sharper that my original one was, better made and even easier to handle.

Magic Knife 3"
2 March 2017

Brilliant little knife, my first one but would definitely recommend it.

Magic Knife 3"
27 November 2016

The best knives I have ever had and I have been cooking for forty five years and I use my knives every day brilliant I can not praise them enough.

2 October 2015

This is amazing!!! Absolute essential for any kitchen!

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