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Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
Best small kitchen knife ever used
12 January 2023

I love the 5" Magic Knife, it has eliminated all other small knives in my kitchen for slicing and chopping and food preparation. However, the 8" knife is not quite so good. If I try to slice bread which does not have a very firm crust, it is hard work !

MAGIC KNIFE 13 January 2023. Hi. It sound slike your knife is in need of a sharpening. If you want our sharpening advice just drop an email to and it wil be on it's way. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Susan Margetts
11 January 2023

These are the best knives I have ever used, I can slice through a butternut squash with ease. I have arthritic hands but jobs are so easy using the magic knife. I recommend them to all my friends.

Magic Knife 5"
6 January 2023

Yes very pleased with my knife, its a perfect size for doing what I do. Being so sharp is something I had to get use to, got a few cuts on the way. Would like to purchase more in the futur. I Have to sharpen not sure how often or the best wsy yo do it I am afraid of ruining my knife if incorrectly sharpend.

MAGIC KNIFE 09 January 2023. Hi Janita. Do drop me an email, and I'll email you our advice on how to sharpen your knives. Do note that if you can't get to a show when ypou wish to purchase more, the code on your guarantee registratio certificate gives a discount of about 20% for website orders. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Gean Carman
29 December 2022

It’s a wonderful knife use it all the time Would certainly recommend it

Magic Knife 5"
28 December 2022

Excellent knife. Stays sharp and very versatile. I love it. Best knives I’ve had.

Magic Knife 5"
19 December 2022

Worked well and very sharp first month then down hill since. Carefully looked after but hardly cuts now so very disappointed,

MGIC KNIFE 20 December 2022. Hi Rock. It sounds like the knife simply needs a sharpening. Let me know if you'd like a copy of our sharpening advice emailed, or if you have tried sharpening ypur knife. My email is Cheers. Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Magic knife
17 December 2022

I bought this much wanted knife and sharpener, from the Good Food Show.. it’s a very useful size, and the sharpener is excellent. My only complaint is that it needs sharpening more often than I anticipated…but maybe that’s because I’m continually using the knife!

MAGIC KNIFE 18 December 2022. Hi, You are right, how often a knife needs sharpening depends very much on how often you use it and what you are using it for. We find with our personal knives about once every two months keeps them in tip top condition. However, we have had customers say that have never sharpened their knives even after many years of use. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
8 December 2022

Over the years I've spent a fortune on the best Swiss and Japanese knives. I have no sales resistance so when I saw a Magic Knife being demonstrated, I thought I'd buy it just as a back-up. Once I'd tried it, I realized that it was far better to use than any other in my large collection. After six months of constant use, a few strokes on the Magic Sharpener brought it back to its original state, and I gave away all the other knives and bought the complete set. You won't go wrong if you do the same.

Magic Knife 5"
Neil Fraser
2 December 2022

Purchased the knife at the Good Food Show (NEC Birmingham) Thursday 24th November 2022, we've used it most evenings in the week since we purchased it, we only use it on a wooden chopping board to cut vegetables etc, we only wash it by hand, it's never been put in the dishwasher and it's kept in a proper knife block, not in a loose cutlery drawer, and a week later it's now completely blunt. Very disappointed.

MAGIC KNIFE 09 December 2022. Hi Neil. We are extremely surprised to hear this. Please email and we'll get things sorted. In the meantime, do try sharoening it and let me know if that makes any difference. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Nick Cantrell
30 November 2022

So I purchased the 5 inch and 8 inch knives when they first came out at a Surrey show in 2000 and its now 2022 the best set of knives I have ever purchased and still have them. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you I am thinking of purchasing a new 5 inch knife.

Magic Knife 5"
23 November 2022

Brill little knife. Excellent for soft fruit & tomatoes as it doesn't squash the juice out of them. Equally it remains sharp & cuts thru root veg a treat. The sharpener is super easy to use & does a fab job. Its a must have in the kitchen.

Magic Knife 5"
26 October 2022

Excellent product, keeps the sharp edge for quite a while. It is also easy to sharpen. Great for chopping vegetables and slices tomatoes very easily.

Magic Knife 5"
Other knives now gathering dust
24 October 2022

My mum bought me this knife at a faire a few months ago as a gift and I have barely used any of my other knives since then. Absolutely love it and will definitely be looking at getting the full set for myself this Christmas. Blade is still as sharp after months of daily use, couldn't recommend more

Magic Knife 5"
Janet Hodgson
8 October 2022

Love this knife. This is our second which we bought for our motorhome as other knives do not keep sharp for long enough. We have not needed to sharpen these yet. Could we suggest a more longer lasting protective cover be available to purchase. We have kept the cardboard sleeve to ensure the blade is not damaged in storage.

MAGIC KNIFE 10 October 2022. Hi Janet. A quick search on the likes of Amazon, eBay or Stores such as IKEA will give a vast choice of ways to safely store knives and sheaths. Other ideas include filling a jar with rice or pasta and sliding knives in, and fabricating a sheath from a toilet roll tube, cut to size and reinforce with adhesive tape. Cheers. Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
4 October 2022

The magic knife has been the best buy for me & has made my life so much easier. I suffer from arthritis & the magic knife has made chopping vegetables a breeze. I no longer feel the stress and strain of chopping. The knife slides easily through the vegetables, so there’s no pressure on my fingers and wrist. Thank you, Magic Knife

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