Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 3"
31 October 2023

This light knife replaced my old favourite vegetable knife and that is hardly ever used now. This magic knife is light but strong and is sharp and able to tackle all the uses I put it to. I wish I had the budget for more!

Magic Knife 3"
23 October 2023

I love this little knife I don’t know how I managed before I purchased this

Magic Knife 3"
frank george osborn
9 October 2023

Having purchased a "Chifes Knife" some time ago which is still in shape now as it was then. I am pleased to find the 3" is showing signs that it will be the same as the Chiefs in the coming years.

Magic Knife 3"
Our new favourite paring knife
9 October 2023

We've been using the same serrated paring knife for years - but have been on the look out for a replacement. Many have been bought but were a disappointment. We bought this magic knife at a show expecting it to be left in the draw with all the others. Well, it's now our favourite paring knife. After six months it's lost a bit of it's "edge" but still use it to easily slice tomatoes, peppers, onions etc. The magic holes means it's also good for slicing bigger veg like squash. Quite expensive to buy - but worth it.

Magic Knife 5"
Jackie Marsom
2 October 2023

Fantastic knife- that's all I can say !

Magic Knife 3"
27 September 2023

Really pleased with the knife. Dealing with vegetables is easy and quick. Lives up to the hype. Still sharp.

Magic Knife 5"
27 September 2023

Great knife, easy to use and cooking and preparation is so much quicker. Would recommend!

Magic Knife 3"
23 September 2023

Brilliant little knife, I use it all the time. Effortlessly slices through anything.

Magic Knife 5"
Bally Kaur
20 September 2023

I love my knives, they are great and are very sharp. The best gadget has to be the peeler, this makes peeling vegetables so easy. Love love love!

Magic Knife 5"
5 September 2023

love the knife, it's brilliant and easily cuts anything.

Magic Knife 3"
31 August 2023

Best every day knife I've had!

Magic Knife 5"
13 August 2023

Very pleased with our knifes, cuts well, good customer service

Customer Service
29 July 2023

I originally bought the 8inch knife at a show and loved it so much that I bought the set. I didn’t know how good the scissors would be though… they are excellent. Unfortunately, I had a hiccup with them but one email to Phil at Magic Knife and I received a replacement pair free of charge today. How refreshing it is to be responded to so quickly, so helpfully and so positively. Well done Magic Knife, other companies could well do to emulate your standards of service. .

Magic Knife 5"
Avril James
21 July 2023

Have never had any knife to compare with Magic! I have the 3-inch and 5-inch and they’re in constant use. They make work in the kitchen so much easier.

Magic Knife 5"
Seb Blair
5 July 2023

I was given this as a gift for Christmas and it was definitely the sharpest knife in the drawer for a while, but then only because I used a knife sharpener after it went dull a couple of months after we got it. Then about a month later, while cutting CUCUMBER, the blade snapped inside the handle!! Really unimpressed considering the price of the thing.

MAGIC KNIFE 07 July 2023. Hi Seb. Sorry to hear. The knives do require a light sharpening about every two months. However, the knife should not have broken, unless it was being used with excesive downward force. Please do email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

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