Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
Pb of Eg
12 April 2022

this is a great knife it was brought to replace on that had lost it finnish stays sharp easy to slice well weighted great product

Magic Knife 5"
Peter E.
4 April 2022

Our "Go-To Knife" for all kitchen functions & occasions, we have one each..!

Magic Knife 5"
James Gilbert
31 March 2022

After some excellent use my knife would not sharpen. Phil and Lesley seemed to think there was a malfunction with the sharpener and replaced both the knife and sharpener with no fuss whatsoever. Hated not having the magic knife as it makes life in the kitchen so much easier. Absolutely excellent customer service, one of the few companies left who understands what a product guarantee still means. 10/10

Magic Knife 5"
Adam Cobbold
30 March 2022

Excellent knife, still sharp over 6 months

Magic Knife 5"
Jayesh Patel
28 March 2022

Very good blades. However the black coating has peeled on one side.

MAGIC KNIFE 30 March 2022. Hi Jayesh. Teflon does wear off in time, and this is accelerated if the knives are put in a dishwasher. There are no health problems with Teflon, unless heated to very high temperatures. If you have any concerns then please do email Phil on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 3"
14 March 2022

Really pleased,it is used everyday.

Magic Knife 5"
James Gilbert
11 March 2022

At first, the best knife ever used in conjunction with the sharpener. Then for no apparent reason could not get it sharp again. Little bit gutted, back to old knife

Hi James. Sorry to hear this. After three years a sharpener may not be performing at its best, so it may be you simply need a new sharpener. If this is not the case then do email me on and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Ms S Corner
3 March 2022

Could not live without this knife! It’s my go to in the kitchen. Easy to grip and light to hold. A joy to behold.

Magic Knife 5"
Clive Smith brilliant
28 February 2022

Brilliant, best knife ever very glad I bought both cut just about everything perfectly

Magic Knife 5"
Nancy Castree
27 February 2022

superb knife, best knife I have had for a long time, love the sharpener as well, but does not sharpen just as well now, I have had these for about 3 years. I bought them at a show you had at Castle Howard. Is it normal for the sharpener to only last so long? When I need another knife I would really consider yours.

MAGIC KNIFE 28 February 2022. Hi Nancy. It depends very much on how often sharpeners are used, what they are used for, how they are used, and the like, but after three years, any sharpener may not be working at its best. Our sharpeners come with a three year guarantee, so if you've not yet had it three years then please do email me on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Lyn Ruby
21 February 2022

Excellent all round. The price was competitive, which was one of the reasons I decided to invest in my first ever kitchen knife set. Aesthetically & ergonomically pleasing as well as being able to do the job this set has been well used over its first 6 months & has maintained its functionality with use of the sharpener that came with the set. I particularly like the scissors which have other useful extra features. Probably the best scissors I have had the fortune to own. I would definitely recommend this purchase.

Magic Knife 5"
Geoff Hinds
2 February 2022

A really handy knife for all slicing jobs. Always my no 1 choice when at the chopping board. Sharpest knife in the drawer.

Magic Knife 5"
Tony Clark
2 February 2022

We have been long time users of the Magic Knife product range. The Magic Knife 5" is perfect for those finicky jobs where the Magic Knife 8" is too big. A testament to its versatility and it being an 'all rounder'.

Magic Knife 3"
Kirsty smith
29 January 2022

I love the knife‘s they are fantastic and keep their sharpness. I also have the veg peeler which is really good working both ways and I have a pair of scissors they are extremely sharp scissors cooking through most things I would definitely purchase these again. I have only one complaint that the scissors have become loose.

Magic Knife 31 January 2022. Hi Kirsty. Sorry to hear about your scissors. Please email me on and we'll get your scissors sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Mary Halnan
9 January 2022

This knife completed my magic knife set. These are all the knives you will ever need in the kitchen. They never let you down and cutting swede is not the chore it used to be! The knives are easy to keep in good condition if you use the sharpener. My sister bought them for me after she bought herself a set. Her son is next in line and he wants a set himself now!! I would highly recommend them.

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