Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
10 May 2024

Had one of the 8” knives for years and best knife we have, don’t use bread knives anymore, the 5” is just as good, very sharp thin blade slides through easily and the shorter blade ideal for finer work and smaller veg

Magic Knife 3"
29 April 2024

Love love love my magic knives ??

Magic Knife 5"
Ion Claudiu Costinas
29 April 2024

Very light knife. Keeps sharp All in all a very good knife

Magic Knife 5"
John Burchill
7 April 2024

Love my Magic Knife. It gets daily use and makes cutting an absolute breeze!

Magic Knife 5"
Jane Denny
19 March 2024

I am finding it excellent. Slightly inconvenient not being able to put it in the dishwasher but otherwise perfect.

Magic Knife 5"
19 February 2024

Customer service is second to non and I have never owned such great knives. I had a problem with the handle of one 5" knife, contacted the company who were excellent and the knife was replaced without question. I would highly recommend these products, look out for their stall at Shows.

Magic Knife 5"
D Walls
4 January 2024

Excellent knife,keeps its sharpness, I just wished I had bought the set.

06 January 2024 MAGIC KNIFE. Hi. Don't forget that your Guarantee Registration Code will give you about 20% discount for any online orders. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Carolyn Sexton
2 January 2024

I am finding it a very useful knife and super sharp.. extremely pleased I bought it.

Magic Knife 3"
7 November 2023

I do like my magic knife, but it is not staying sharp at all. I have tried sharpening it and it makes a small improvement but not much. Overall I am disappointed as it has trouble cutting through even a tomato skin even if a do the sawing action as described by your sales man.

MAGIC KNIFE 07 November 2023. Hi Elaine. This should not be happening. We wonder what you are using to sharpen it? Please do email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 3"
2 November 2023

A great little knife - cuts very finely and neatly. Still as sharp as new after 6 months of almost daily use.

Magic Knife 3"
31 October 2023

This light knife replaced my old favourite vegetable knife and that is hardly ever used now. This magic knife is light but strong and is sharp and able to tackle all the uses I put it to. I wish I had the budget for more!

Magic Knife 3"
23 October 2023

I love this little knife I don’t know how I managed before I purchased this

Magic Knife 3"
frank george osborn
9 October 2023

Having purchased a "Chifes Knife" some time ago which is still in shape now as it was then. I am pleased to find the 3" is showing signs that it will be the same as the Chiefs in the coming years.

Magic Knife 3"
Our new favourite paring knife
9 October 2023

We've been using the same serrated paring knife for years - but have been on the look out for a replacement. Many have been bought but were a disappointment. We bought this magic knife at a show expecting it to be left in the draw with all the others. Well, it's now our favourite paring knife. After six months it's lost a bit of it's "edge" but still use it to easily slice tomatoes, peppers, onions etc. The magic holes means it's also good for slicing bigger veg like squash. Quite expensive to buy - but worth it.

Magic Knife 5"
Jackie Marsom
2 October 2023

Fantastic knife- that's all I can say !

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