Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
13 May 2023

Love this knife. Made kitchen prep a sheer delight. My ‘go to’ utensil.

Magic Knife 8"
Vicki Mara-Collard
12 May 2023

I’m loving my knives that I purchased however I’m having to watch over them very carefully because visitors to my kitchen who get the opportunity to use them keep trying to get me to give them away to them. No chance!!

Magic Knife 8"
11 May 2023

After 6 months I am just as happy as the first time I used the knife. The products are great and I will certainly be adding more magic knives to my collection!

Magic Knife 8"
9 May 2023

Very good blades with these knives. I am a chef and teach kids to cook. They can now chop with ease and safety which is very important in my line of work.

Magic Knife 8"
9 May 2023

I purchased a set of your Magic knives at the Cake International show and I love them. They sharpen easily and are very good. Highly recommend!

Magic Knife 3"
Angela Davies
8 May 2023

Absolutely brilliant to use I feel like a professional using them

Magic Knife 3"
30 April 2023

The best vegetable knife I have ever bought. Deals with soft tomatoes to difficult swedes and butternut squash with absolute ease. Can thoroughly recommend

Magic Knife 8"
29 April 2023

Does what it says on the tin. Really pleased with set.

Magic Knife 8"
27 April 2023

Excellent strong products

Magic Knife 3"
Sheila Crump
26 April 2023

Fantastic knives. Year before last I bought the large knife and last year I bought the small one. Both from fayre at Cheltenham racecourse. Try old friends how wonderful they are and they went and bought them. Excellent for meat, fish and veg. No more problems cutting through the likes of swede or butternut squash to name a couple. Wouldn't be without them. Will buy another size this year!

Magic Knife 8"
23 April 2023

Really pleased with the product and the quality is fantasic. Been using everyday and obky used the scarpner once, since then its been absolulty perfect.

Magic Knife 8"
Trevor Miller
22 April 2023

Fantastic knives, they are all I ever use

Magic Knife 3"
Nathalie Toomer
21 April 2023

I have two magic knifes and they cut like a dream, Wonderful purchase.

Magic Knife 8"
19 April 2023

Purchasable set at the Cheshire Food Festival and I am very impressed. As a very keen cook good equipment is essential and this fits the bill. Would definitely recommend them

Magic Knife 8"
10 April 2023

The knife is rubbish, sharpened it and sharpened it but this knife wouldn’t cut butter,

MAGIC KNIFE 12 April 2023. Hi Lou. Sorry to hear this. Please email and we'll get it sorted. We'd like to establish how old the knife is and what you are using to sharpen it? Cheers, Phil & Lesley

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