Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Box Set
Maria & Peter, Yorkshire
6 April 2022

The Magic Knife boxed set we purchased are the best knives we have ever had and can highly recommend them.

Box Set
Kim Parry
4 April 2022

Iv'e had these knives for years.Exellent product. Highly recomended.

Box Set
Shirley Jackson
28 March 2022

Honestly the best knives I’ve ever bought.

Box Set
27 March 2022

Very sharp, cuts through fresh bread without squishing with no problem. Only have had to sharpen once since I’ve got it. Very grateful for the finger guard!

Box Set
14 March 2022

I got the whole set from creative crafts a few years ago and was really excited. At first everything was great, it cut through even swede and butternut squash and sharpened nicely. Then a few months ago both of the smaller knives snapped off at the handle within a few weeks of each other. I was really disappointed especially considering they still cut really well.

MAGIC KNIFE 16 March 2020. Hi Lydia. Sorry to hear this. We have less than 3% that fail so it is strange to have two break so close together. Do email as the knives are guaranteed and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
3 March 2022

Have had these knives and scissors for 6 months now and they are fantastic. lightweight, easy to clean and use and so sharp. They cut through hard vegetables, cheese, tomatoes and more with ease. They are a pleasure to use.

Box Set
Brilliant knives
2 March 2022

Definitely the best knives we've ever had. Remain sharp, have only had to use the sharpener twice in 6 months. Very light and practical.

Box Set
1 March 2022

This really is the best set of knives I have ever owned, I cook a lot and prepare all my food from scratch therefore sharp knives are essential. I have a drawer full of knives various I’ve purchased over the years but these are the only knives I have used since I bought them. They sharpen easily with the sharpener that came with the set and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have sharp, versatile knives the whole time. They are the only knives that cut through swede and butternut squash with ease and carving a rib of beef is now so easy. Thank you

Box Set
bernard collis
28 February 2022

great set of knives,very sharp, so glad we bought them

Box Set
28 February 2022

Bought the box set after trying all the knife options and could not believe how well they cut. The bread cutting with a non bread knife sold it to me. We are very happy with our purchase and have recommended to our friends.

Box Set
Juliet Matthews
17 February 2022

Great selection of knives. Use them all daily for various kitchen chores. In particular, love the vegetable peeler! Best I’ve ever used!

Box Set
2 February 2022

Bought the full set at a flower show 6 months ago and we're still very pleased with them now. They are very sharp and also quite stylish!

Box Set
29 January 2022

The box set from magic knife are absolutely fantastic, very light and can be used for a long period of time, great for left handed people and people with arthritis.

Box Set
Kathryn Tomlinson
28 January 2022

So pleased with these knives! Super sharp and literally xan tackle any food cutting job. Can slice through freshly baked bread effortlessly without it being squashed.

Box Set
Chris M
19 January 2022

I have found these knives to be a fantastic addition to my kitchen equipment and use them to the exclusion of others! Didn't find the scissors quite as good as I hoped - not good at cutting fat off bacon but great for other things.

MAGIC KNIFE 23 January 2022. Hi Chris, good to hear you are happy with your knives but sorry to hear your scissors aren't performing so well. We usually hear that the scissors are good for the task so it sounds like there is an issue. It may be that the scissors need a sharpening. Whilst scissors do need a professional sharpening, we do find that we can get a reasonable result using our sharpener. Please do give it a try and if you are not happy with the result, email me on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

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