Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
13 August 2021

I love using this knife - it’s so sharp it makes preparing several kilos of vegetables for the grandchildren almost a pleasure!

Magic Knife 5"
Mary Toynton
30 July 2021

We love these knives. I can even cut up squashes and other hard vegetables with them.

Magic Knife 5"
2 July 2021

The knife I bought this week was a replacement for one I bought about 20 years ago at the BBC Good Food show. I wouldn't be without one now, So sharp, yet strong and light.

Magic Knife 5"
27 June 2021

I love my magic knife! It's now become the knife I always reach for when I'm cooking and 6 months on it's still in pristine condition. Chops really easily and quickly, best knife I've ever bought.

Magic Knife 5"
Doreen Stratford
7 June 2021

The knife is not very good, went blunt within a couple of months so just stopped using it! dissapointed

MAGIC KNIFE 07 June 2021. Hi Doreen. That shouldn't have happened. Please email us on and we'll get this sorted under gurantee. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
4 June 2021

Very useful knife for chopping veg or cutting meat. Thwe wife finds the lager knife too unwieldy for her and loves how well she manages with this medium sized one.

Magic Knife 5"
John Rodwell
25 May 2021

Excellent all-purpose knife ideal for all meal preparations. Good blade which retains sharpness for appropriate length of time and overall good balance. This is my 3rd Magic Knife and there are other sizes which are of similar quality depending on what you personally want to use them for. Good value for money.

Magic Knife 5"
12 May 2021

I have had the 3”, 5” and 8” knives and sharpener for 8 years now having bought them at the NEC Caravan Show all those years ago. I have used them constantly and sharpened them regularly and last week the handle snapped off my 5” knife. Looking at the reviews it seems I have been lucky - or as usual most people only review when they have a problem. I have only found these reviews as I have come onto the website to order a new 5” knife rather than wait until the October NEC Caravan Show - or maybe I will do and bring the broken knife along to be exchanged. The knives are registered so should be able to be found from your records. I agree with the review about the sliding scale lifetime guarantee that it is pretty useless as if it was a “lifetime” guarantee it should be that - not having to pay an ever increasing amount over time to the point it costs more in postage and the additional cost than it would to just buy a new knife - extremely misleading!

MAGIC KNIFE 14 May 2021. Hi Sylvia. The failure rate on our knives is less than 3% and the guarantee complies fully with statutory regulations. A life-time guarantee lasts for the reasonably expected life of a product, and the use the user has is chargeable. This is all fully explained when registering for the guarantee. We do not have email addresses included with reviews, so please do email on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
building and land services ltd
10 May 2021

Absolutely the pick of the knife drawer! Super sharp, slick in use and comes back to a razor instantly with the same companies sharpener which is a really useful addition to any kitchen. Slices even soft tomatoes as though they are carrots, perfect and even. Will never be without these knives again.

Magic Knife 5"
Eileen Mills
22 April 2021

Love my magic knives I have 3 sizes now, I couldn't do without them in the kitchen. Best ever.

Magic Knife 5"
29 March 2021

This is the 2nd set of knives I’ve purchased, absolutely fabulous. Always stay sharp and so easy to use.

Magic Knife 5"
10 March 2021

My third 5" knife has just broken in what I consider to be a dangerous way. In Nov 2016 I bought a set of knives at NEC Christmas Exhibition. Eleven months later, the 5" one broke, the handle coming away from the blade. Twenty-five months later the replacement one broke in the same manner. To be fair this was replaced free of charge. However, the third one I have now (the second replacement) has broken after 13 months. In the previous two cases I was cutting a soft material when it broke, however this time I was cutting a large carrot. The blade shot out, span round and came at me pointed end forward. It just missed my arm and ended up on the floor behind me. From my experience and other comments knife breakage does seem to be a common occurance. This is not the robust product I thought I was purchasing.

MAGIC KNIFE 10 March 2020. Hi Christine. We're sorry to hear you've had yet another breakage, which we will exchange should you wish. We get less than 3% that break but it is strange it tends to happen more than once to the same people. For your blade to shoot out, it does suggest that you were using the knife with a lot of downward pressure. Our knives are designed to be used with a pronounced to and fro action using very little downward pressure. Using the knives in accordance with good knife handling technique and keeping them sharp will avoid this sort of incident. Please do email me on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
23 January 2021

Having had my previous reviews taken down immediately I thought I would try one more time to see if they would be truthful and show all reviews. After only 18 months of normal use and never seeing a dishwasher the handle on my knife broke. Following further research this seems to be an extremely common fault with these knives. When i enquired about the lifetime guarantee I was appalled to fine it that is was a scan and not worth the paper it was written on. Rather then simply replacing the not fit for purpose product you must pay for the P&P to return the item, they then charge you a fee for how many years you have had the knife and finally you have to pay the P&P for the replacement item to be delivered. These are not premium knives and the guarantee is a scam.

MAGIC KNIFE 25 Januery 2021. Hi again James. We did not take down your previous reviews. I have only just seen them and have removed the two that were just a repeat. We do not get chance to publish reviews every day, and as all yours were sent over a period of two or three days, have just now only seen them all. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
22 January 2021

The knives were really good at first. Although the blades are a little flimsy they were really nice to use. HOWEVER after 18 months of using the knives, the 5” knife handle broke through normal use, similar to other reviews I have read. When I enquired about replacing the knife through the lifetime guarantee I was shocked to find out it is not worth the paper it is written on. In order to get a replacement you have to pay for the P&P to return the broken, not fit for purpose knife, then they charge you a fee for how long you have owned the knife and finally charge you for the P&P for the delivery of your replacement knife. Do not be fooled by the offer of the guarantee and if you want a long lasting premium knife, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

AGIC KNIFE 25 January 2021. Hi James. We are now in touch by email to try and resolve this. Our guarantee complies fully with statutory regulations, and the terms and conditions of it can be seen on our website, both when registering and at any other time Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Patricia Townshend
27 December 2020

As usual a beautifully sharp knife.

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