Our multi-functional kitchen scissors are the ideal accessory for your kitchen.

They can be used to cut meat e.g. dicing, trimming off fat and even through chicken bones, clipping herbs, cutting corners off cartons and the like.

The scissors also features a bottle opener and nutcracker located in the middle, and a flat headed screwdriver at the handle end to help prise open can lids.

They are made of high-quality stainless steel.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Service
Great Customer Service!
11 November 2020

Hi. I just want to say how efficient and helpful the customer care had been from Phil and Lesley. I've had my 8' and 5' knife for 5 years and they are so good that they are the only knifes I use. The handle of the 5" broke but I couldn't find the guarantee. They asked me some questions, tracked when I bought it and reissued the guarantee. I can now have my much loved knife back and have actually ordered some more to add to my collection. I can thoroughly recommend them Magic Knife as a company!! Amanda

Customer Service
9 October 2020

Absolutely excellent after-sales service, it's second to none! Thank you Phil & Lesley

Customer Service
Lisa Powell
8 October 2020

Not just excellent knives, but also Incredible after-sales service. The best I have ever known from any company. Thank you Phil & Lesley.

Customer Service
15 April 2019

Nothing but praise for the knives and scissors - after buying a complete set each year I have added to it with sharpener extra 5" and 3" knives. This year was an additional pair of scissors, but alas I found that these are not sold separately. To my joy I was given a complementary pair at the Ideal Home Exhibition so I cannot thank you enough!! Thank you and looking forward to seeing you next year.

Customer Service
Steve Garland
7 April 2019

I purchased a box set of magic knife 2 year ago at the ideal home show. To say I have been pleased with them is an understatement, they are a great knife. Do they come with a warranty and the handle has broken of on the 5” knife?

MAGIC KNIFE 08 April 2019. Hi Steve. Please email me on and we'll get this sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

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