Magic Knife 5"
Our small but handy Magic Knife.

Suitable for the person who does not like a large knife, but still capable of doing all those jobs in the kitchen, from the hardest swede to softest tomatoes.

Magic Knife 8"
The original Magic Knife.

One knife for all your culinary needs.

Great for meat, fish and all your vegetables, from the hardest butternut squash to the softest tomatoes.

Magnetic Knife Holder
This magnetic wall mountable knife holder provides simple, handy storage for your kitchen knives and is a great addition to any kitchen.

A perfect way to organize your kitchen with quick easy access to your kitchen accessories for easy food preparation.

Great space saver by holding your knives safe on the wall or in a cabinet.

Also great for use in the garage for holding hand tools.

Complete with fittings.

Bundle contains:

1 x Magic Knife 5"
1 x Magic Knife 8"
1 x Magnetic Knife Holder
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
James Hewitson
30 June 2020

Simply the best knives I have ever owned... stay brilliantly sharp (with a little care) and excellent customer service.

Magic Knife 8"
24 June 2020

Great knife it gets used every day and we haven't had to sharpen it at all. Great product.

Magic Knife 8"
22 June 2020

Hi all, I have been using this for 6 months now and have had no problems with it at all. The knife itself is husband proof and cannot be broken or bent easily. Magic knife is a lovely product and I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks Derry

Magic Knife 8"
John Foster
19 June 2020

Your knives are very good & we have bought others at previous shows. However we have a major issue with the latest 8 inch knife we bought at Harrogate as we have both been cut badly due to the sharp right angle point nearest the handle and as such it is dangerous and in my view unfit for purpose. The cuts being clean straight cuts as opposed to a rough ,jagged cut means it is more difficult for it to heal up.Our cuts (2 with my wife,One with me) occurred a few weeks after purchase & I did email you but got no response. I await your response. Yours faithfully,,John Foster

MAGIC KNIFE 19 June 2020. Hi John. You also emailed this to us, which was good as we hadn't received any previous correspondence. The heel of a knife helps the cutting action of a knife and is useful when chopping herbs etc. Fingers should not be near the cutting edge of any knife when in use. We'll sort this through our emails. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Chris Smyth
18 June 2020

I have enjoyed using my set of knives. I have even bought my mum and partner a knife to use at their houses. They are very reasonably priced and the guarantee is good as I had to return one of mine after an issue. This was dealt with effectively and a replacement was provided.

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