Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
Excellent Knife
3 July 2023

These knives are the best I've used. They're sharp, comfortable, and hard-wearing. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Magic Knife 5"
27 June 2023

Very good knife overall. Cutting edge is quite fine so can get damaged easily, for example hitting a stone in fruit or a bone in a piece of meat. Is easily sharpened again though. Would definitely recommend.

Magic Knife 5"
Antonia fraser
8 June 2023

Just like magic it went blunt after 2 uses .. rubbish really .. I purchased a knife sharpener from Asda which I have to use every time with this knife

MAGIC KNIFE 08 June 2023. Hi Antonia. Definitely something wrong here. We've tried to find you through the guarantee registrations to contact you, but can't find anything under your name. Please do email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
25 May 2023

The best knife I have. It’s light, sharp, easy to handle and a very useful addition to my knife drawer. I would highly recommend this knife.

Magic Knife 5"
J Tang
14 May 2023

Bought the 8" knife at a Christmas Fair, absolutely loved it! It's so versatile that you can cut everything, from bread to meat, and of course the tough and thick butternut squash and swede, the holes on the knife make it much easier! So I went back to the same fair a year later and bought the 5" knife, the peeler and knife sharpener. Now waiting for the opportunity to 'complete' the collection with the scissors! I will never go back to the 6 knifes set I used before as long as Magic Knife is in production!

Magic Knife 5"
10 May 2023

Yes this knife is everything that the demonstrator said it would do. Very pleased with it.

Magic Knife 5"
30 April 2023

I love my Magic Knife. It is much easier to cut through tough vegetables like butternut squash etc. I use it all the time.

Magic Knife 5"
Liz Alcock
13 April 2023

A genuinely useful addition to my chefy armour. Good balance and comfortable handle helps to avoid slips, easy to sharoen - if you need to (I avoid adding sharp knives to the dishwasher), and a great price. Thoroughly recommend it!

Magic Knife 5"
Sian M
13 April 2023

Best knife ever. I have a medium size and use it for everything.

Magic Knife 5"
Jennifer Gimenez
9 April 2023

I love the way it cuts, nice and smooth to cut vegetables. Worth the monwy

Magic Knife 5"
8 April 2023

Without doubt the best knife I have ever owed! Easy to use and stays so sharp!

Magic Knife 5"
Peter Q
3 April 2023

Had this knife 6 months and still sharp, excellent for cutting vegetables that are soft. Easy to carve out inside of vegetables and easy to clean.

Magic Knife 5"
Rob and Liz
30 March 2023

Its a great all round small knife. Easy slicing and dicing. Easy on my arthritic hand as only the slightest pressure is needed to cut through most veg, meat and bread with ease.

Magic Knife 5"
Brilliant Magic Knife
23 March 2023

I have to say we are delighted with the 5" version of the knife we bought at the BBC Goodwood Food Exhibition. I would certainly recommend purchasing one. One word of caution, they are VERY SHARP!

Magic Knife 5"
24 February 2023

Wonderful knife..slices so easily through cheese, meat bread due to its unique holes.

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