Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 5"
Jennifer Gimenez
9 April 2023

I love the way it cuts, nice and smooth to cut vegetables. Worth the monwy

Magic Knife 5"
8 April 2023

Without doubt the best knife I have ever owed! Easy to use and stays so sharp!

Magic Knife 5"
Peter Q
3 April 2023

Had this knife 6 months and still sharp, excellent for cutting vegetables that are soft. Easy to carve out inside of vegetables and easy to clean.

Magic Knife 5"
Rob and Liz
30 March 2023

Its a great all round small knife. Easy slicing and dicing. Easy on my arthritic hand as only the slightest pressure is needed to cut through most veg, meat and bread with ease.

Magic Knife 5"
Brilliant Magic Knife
23 March 2023

I have to say we are delighted with the 5" version of the knife we bought at the BBC Goodwood Food Exhibition. I would certainly recommend purchasing one. One word of caution, they are VERY SHARP!

Magic Knife 5"
24 February 2023

Wonderful knife..slices so easily through cheese, meat bread due to its unique holes.

Magic Knife 5"
24 February 2023

Wonderful set of knives, the best I’ve ever bought! Customer service also excellent. Had a problem after a few years with one of the handles and this was replaced without question. Use them constantly but took advice not to put them in a dishwasher! See you at the Shows. Thank you.

Magic Knife 5"
Alison jones
15 February 2023

Still very efficient cutting edge and very comfotable to hold

Magic Knife 5"
sandra hamer
29 January 2023

Never previously heard of this knife but after watching a demonstration i bought one.It has not failed to impress.i do keep it sharpened and after nearly a year its still amazingly sharp.

Magic Knife 5"
26 January 2023

I bought this knife from a stall at a fair and was a bit cynical. But it's blown me away, it's so sharp!

Magic Knife 5"
Claire L
25 January 2023

Just the best knives ever. Will not buy any others. What really sells it for me is that they don't get stuck in what ypu are cutting up, due to the holes. They are easy to sharpen too.

Magic Knife 5"
15 January 2023

My Cutlery Draw Was Tragic But With This Knife It Then Became MAGIC

Magic Knife 5"
13 January 2023

My knife has snapped how do I get replacement please Best knife I ever used

MAGIC KNIFE 16 January 2023. Hi Yvonne. I think you have already emailed so we are getting your knife replaced. If it was a different Yvonne then do email me on Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Best small kitchen knife ever used
12 January 2023

I love the 5" Magic Knife, it has eliminated all other small knives in my kitchen for slicing and chopping and food preparation. However, the 8" knife is not quite so good. If I try to slice bread which does not have a very firm crust, it is hard work !

MAGIC KNIFE 13 January 2023. Hi. It sound slike your knife is in need of a sharpening. If you want our sharpening advice just drop an email to and it wil be on it's way. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 5"
Susan Margetts
11 January 2023

These are the best knives I have ever used, I can slice through a butternut squash with ease. I have arthritic hands but jobs are so easy using the magic knife. I recommend them to all my friends.

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