Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Box Set
6 December 2023

I bought the box set whilst visiting a Kent craft show in about 2015/16. I was sceptical of the demonstration slicing various foods with ease. Was invited to try the knife on a tomato and bread. I was so impressed I bought the box set. This included the knives, scissors, sharpener & potato peeler. These knives remain my every day knives after all this time. They remain sharp for longer than normal and the supplied sharpener does a great job. The The scissors are sturdy with comfortable handles for right handed users. An inner blade feature near the pivot helps cut tougher materials. The potato peeler is can be used by both left and right handers.

Box Set
Alistair G
1 November 2023

Knives have been as sharp as expected and no sharpening yet required. My only (minor) gripe is that they were promoted as cutting true, i.e not on a slant. Whilst the large and small knives do cut true, the middle knife definitely has a bias and will move towards the right as I cut, unless I make an adjustment. A small irritation.

MAGIC KNIFE 01 November 2023. Hi Alistair. That should not be. Please email and we'll get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
1 November 2023

This is the best investment i have made. the whole set is brilliant and does what it says on the box. Wish i had purchased these a few years back when i first saw them.

Box Set
Sandra Layton
31 October 2023

Absolutely love our set of knives, purchased 2 sets about 7/8 years ago at the Good food show! Haven’t used the second set yet, first set still going strong even though we are using them several times a day. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Magic Knives to anyone, they are well worth the money.

Box Set
M Peters
16 October 2023

Knives are really good, nothing sticks to the blade for example cheese sticks to my standard knives but with these magic knives it falls away. The sharpener keeps them in tip top condition but do not put them into the dishwasher...the tang will eventually break as I learnt on a early one.

MAGIC KNIFE 17 October 2023. Hi. As you say, the harsh enviroment in a dishwasher will cause corrision of the tang inside the handle. In fact, a quick search on the internet will show it is inadvisable to put just about any knife in a dishwasher. However, regardless of this fact, we do not currently invalidate our guarantee if the knives are washed in this way. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
Sue Moule
16 October 2023

Enjoying using these knives. Scissors cut well, potato peeler is excellent and the knives a dream to use on any meat or veg!! They deserve their name of Magic!! Would buy again but wait….. don’t need to as they will last me years. Would recommend.

Box Set
2 October 2023

Great product all knifes sharp out of the box and used every day.

Box Set
Richard Glynn
29 September 2023

I bought set at the ideal home show and must say these are the best knives I've ever bought, very sharp so you get a very thin cut if desired.

Box Set
Sonia shah
27 September 2023

I have used this product for 6 months and wouldn't go back now. The blades are so effortless to use

Box Set
Bernhard Knight
23 September 2023

Bought the set at the Ideal Homeshow. They are used every day, from peeling potatoes to carving the Sunday beef joint. Shame I didn't have these years ago and then I wouldn't have waisted money on a load of other knives.

Box Set
Truly a magic knife
20 September 2023

So glad I went to Ideal home exhibition in March where I found the Magic knife stand. At £79 for the set it was not cheap, but I took the plunge after seeing the demonstration. Well , once home I opened the set and used the knives straight away. Cutting tomatoes so fine was absolutely brilliant. I have since used the sharpener as well to keep my knives in tiptop condition. So yes I truly recommend them and when I go to the Ideal home exhibition again before Christmas I will go to the same stand and tell everyone how good they are. Might buy a set for my daughter if finances allow it.

Box Set
Tony and Angie
7 September 2023

We purchased the box set box set at the Camping & Caravan show in October 22, we were a little sceptical having purchased various alternatives over the years. How wrong we were, they are in almost daily use, they still look like new and are as sharp as the day we brought them. We'd not hesitate to recommend "Magic Knife" you'll not be disappointed

Box Set
5 August 2023 tell the truth I'm not entirely happy. The scissors are not 100% and I didn't think I had to keep sharpening. Perhaps I expected too much... paid a lot of money for these.

MAGIC KNIFE 07 August 2023. Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear, sounds like something isn't right. As a rule of thumb, a light sharpening should only be needed about every two months. However, if putting the knives in a dishwasher, or using glass/marble type chopping boards, they will require much more frequent sharpening. Do email letting us know why the scissors are not 100% and we'll see if we can get things sorted. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Box Set
Susan Crane
5 August 2023

This whole set is amazing. They cut "like butter". They are definitely magic because they make the hardest vegetables and fruit so easy to cut through. I want to get them for all my friends for the holidays. Many thanks!

Customer Service
29 July 2023

I originally bought the 8inch knife at a show and loved it so much that I bought the set. I didn’t know how good the scissors would be though… they are excellent. Unfortunately, I had a hiccup with them but one email to Phil at Magic Knife and I received a replacement pair free of charge today. How refreshing it is to be responded to so quickly, so helpfully and so positively. Well done Magic Knife, other companies could well do to emulate your standards of service. .

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