Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 3"
10 March 2019

I have to say I am impressed! Have been using this knife every day since I bought it six months ago, and is as sharp as it came out of the box. Great quality, non stick and just the right size for me from peeling potatoes, dicing carrots or deboning chicken, I use it for pretty much everything! Buy it, you'll be glad you did

J.M.. Gill
8 March 2019

Excellent for all the larger jobs, carving meat or a loaf of bread and holds its sharpness well. The 3 inch knife very good for vegetables and fruit. The sharpener is easy to use and the peeler is excellent for root vegetables and trimming the edges of runner beans. In all an excellent set of equipment which I shall by again.

Magic Knife 3"
Peter Ward
24 February 2019

An excellent sturdy little knife - in use several times a day. I tried a ceramic knife prior to purchasing this but it broke when I dropped it on the floor. I highly recommend this product.

Magic Knife 3"
11 February 2019

Excellent product. Very sharp and easy to keep sharp with the Magic Knife sharpener. I have been using these knives now for several years and they are well made and do the job very well. I have recommended these knives to friends and family.

Magic Knife 3"
Very Happy Customer
5 February 2019

All our magic knifes work very well. I would recommend without a second thought.

Mrs. Myra Lewis
5 February 2019

My cousin and her friend bought me an 8 inch knife and a 5 inch knife from the Royal Welsh Show last July as a present as they were staying with us in West Wales from London. They both had bought knives the previous year and thought the world of them. We are also so pleased of the knives that we have recommended others to buy them.

Magic Knife 3"
Jane Hearn
20 January 2019

Best money I spent in ages. Have three knives and use them daily. Well worth getting the sharpener. Would recommend 100%

Magic Knife 3"
1 November 2018

This knife is really easy to use, comfortable handle, cuts through dense vegetables with minimal effort. It is easy to sharpen . It is now my knife of preference

Magic Knife 3"
Karen Silverson
21 June 2018

Absolutely brilliant. Love it.

Magic Knife 3"
Martin from Shepperton
3 March 2018

I love my magic knife! It is light, easy to hold and super sharp. I use it to peel potatoes, slice onions, chop tomatoes - everything! And after 6 months, it is just as good as when I first bought it.

Magic Knife 3"
1 March 2018

Together with the 5 inch knife, it is good for small items of fruit and veg. It seems to sty sharp for longs than the slightly larger one. (Maybe I use the latter more!)

Magic Knife 3"
Awesome Knives
3 October 2017

I have three of theses knives (3" 5" & 8") plus a sharpener I must say these are best that I've ever owned, they are literately razor sharp, superb quality and well worth every penny...even my friends are impressed!! 100% recomendation

Magic Knife 3"
Frank G Osborn
30 September 2017

Purchased the larger 8” when they first went on sale in UK [approx. 2000] and found it the best knife I or any of the cooks that I know had every held. I am pleased to say that it is still as sharp as when I first got it despite being used every day since. I am even more pleased to find the 3” knife I bought this year is even sharper that my original one was, better made and even easier to handle.

Magic Knife 3"
2 March 2017

Brilliant little knife, my first one but would definitely recommend it.

Magic Knife 3"
27 November 2016

The best knives I have ever had and I have been cooking for forty five years and I use my knives every day brilliant I can not praise them enough.

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