Magic Knife 3"

Our small knife is perfect for controlled, detailed work.

Great for slicing, dicing and carving smaller fruits and vegetables.

Ideal for deveining prawns and removing seeds from chillis.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 3"
Adrian Grant
8 September 2020

My first thought on seeing these at the caravan show was, no, walk straight past, cheap rubbish that they make look so good. But the wife pulled me back to look at some boring stall next door to the magic knife stall, so I started watching. After approx 15 seconds I was hooked. Didnt believe that they would be as good as they showed me, so I asked for a go myself. I couldn't fault any of the knives in the set, everything I cut or sliced, just seemed like melted butter. I called the wife over and she had a go with them, with her arthritis in her hands, she cut and sliced through everything with ease. She made me buy the 3 inch knife. Six months on now, still cuts with ease and I've only run it down a steel once. If I see these at a show again, I'll be buying the complete set, they put our £600 wusthof set to shame. Highly recommend, 5 stars, 10/10, smiley face, top notch.

MAGIC KNIFE 11 September 2020. Hi Adrian. If you wanted to purchase anything else, the code on your guarantee registration can be used for online purchases and will bring the prices down close to discounted show prices. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 3"
2 September 2020

This and the larger 8in size are my favourite 'go to' knives, whenever I'm cooking anything. They're so easy to handle and re-sharpen, I never have a blunt knife. I've got a set I use in the home and another set in the caravan. Preparing, or cutting anything is a joy and so effortless..

Magic Knife 3"
Jane Williams
21 August 2020

Great little knife. Not quite as awesome as the 8" I got first, where the "magic" really comes into its own, but still good, and holds its edge well

Magic Knife 3"
10 June 2020

The knife is blunt after 6 months and the black coating has started shedding. It has lost its magicness very quickly.

MAGIC KNIFE 12 June 2020. Hi.As a rule of thumb, the needs probably need a light sharpening every two months, so all will be well after a sharpening. Teflon does wear off in time, particularly if the knives are put in a dishwasher. Please email me on if you are not completely satisfied. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 3"
12 May 2020

A great all rounder in the kitchen and definitely my best friend on the tough tasks such as butternut squash!

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Each Magic Knife comes with 1 year guarantee.

If anything happens to your knife you can use our returns form to arrange a replacement or visit us at a show to exchange your knife.

We highly recommend washing your knife by hand.