Our versatile swivel action blade peeler is a must have item for any chef.

Peel vegetables and fruit, such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cucumber and apples, effortlessly.

It has a rippled section for better grip between your thumb and forefinger. It's nice and lightweight for those with difficulties.

It also has a large hole in the handle making storage easy.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Shilpa Sudara
11 April 2024

I use the magic peeler nearly everyday cannot do without it, a fantastic product. Peels vegetables and fruits very easily. The handle design makes it comfortable to hold.

Gill B
27 August 2023

Have the full set which I adore but above all the peeler. To all intents and ourposes looks like many ither peelers but it's far superior, sharp and very easy to use. I've actualky lost mibe - assume it got mixed and tgrown out with tge peelings so I'm ordering a replacement. Just can't live without it or carry on with the inferior one I have.

Customer Service
29 July 2023

I originally bought the 8inch knife at a show and loved it so much that I bought the set. I didn’t know how good the scissors would be though… they are excellent. Unfortunately, I had a hiccup with them but one email to Phil at Magic Knife and I received a replacement pair free of charge today. How refreshing it is to be responded to so quickly, so helpfully and so positively. Well done Magic Knife, other companies could well do to emulate your standards of service. .

30 April 2023

Without doubt the best peeler on the market. I actually enjoy peeling vegetables with this peeler. Can thoroughly recommend

Sharon R
5 June 2022

The best peeler I have ever used! So glad I purchased this. Very sharp (I did nick myself during the demonstration I was shown) but so easy to handle and you soon get used to it/confident in using it. Would highly recommend!

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