Magic Knife 3"
Our small utility knife is perfect for detail work.

Magic Knife 8"
The original Magic Knife.

One knife for all your culinary needs.

Great for meat, fish and all your vegetables, from the hardest butternut squash to the softest tomatoes.

Bundle contains:

1 x Magic Knife 3"
1 x Magic Knife 8"
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
G Foard
14 April 2019

Actually bought this over 10 years ago. Coating has become scratched but, with correct sharpening, still has had a great cut. I decided to buy a new one at this years Ideal Home, but after chatting with the demonstrators decided “why replace it?” And bought the paring knife instead! I have three chefs knives, but this is still my go to. Buy one, look after it and it will do the job.

Magic Knife 8"
Ruth Rogers
14 April 2019

I went to a cake show thinking I would buy much. I came across a demonstration of this magic knife and immediately bought one. It has changed my life. I now chop everything up so much quicker and am buying lots of different vegetables as it's easy to chop them up now! I definitely recommend these knives.

Magic Knife 8"
8 April 2019

The handle is comfortable however while the blade works well, it would be better if the end of the blade near the handle was rounded off and not left sharp as it is easy to catch yourself on it and cause injury.

MAGIC KNIFE 14 April 2019. Hi, we have looked into this before and found that when the heel of a knife is rounded it will not work as well when using the rocking action for finely chopping herbs, garlic and the like. This suits some people more than others as it depends how the knife is gripped. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 8"
Maureen Davies
27 March 2019

Brilliant, slices through anything cleanly. Easy to clean. Handle grip is comfortable and feels safe secure.wished I’d had them years ago.

Magic Knife 8"
Robin A Stirling
23 March 2019

It's doing pretty well so far. No complaints at all.

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