Magic Knife 3" and 8"

Magic Knife 3"
Our small utility knife is perfect for detail work.

Magic Knife 8"
The original Magic Knife.

One knife for all your culinary needs.

Great for meat, fish and all your vegetables, from the hardest butternut squash to the softest tomatoes.

Bundle contains:

1 x Magic Knife 3"
1 x Magic Knife 8"
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Magic Knife 8"
Eric Smith
14 October 2019

Very pleased with my purchase. Do not allow anybody else to use it.

Magic Knife 8"
Graf’s keeper
12 October 2019

Best knife by far. Keeps its edge (especially with the magic sharpener to help), is balanced and cuts true. 5” works just as well with fruit. No catching or tearing just cutting straight through.

Magic Knife 8"
11 October 2019

I love my Magic Knife. I would like the smaller version too so it is on my list. The sharpener is really easy to use and very effective. I always struggled with the long versions so it may not look much but it is the perfect partner for my magic knife.

MAGIC KNIFE 12 October 2019. Hi Lizzy. If you can't get to a show to buy at our best price, don't forget to use the code on the Guarantee Registration Certificate that you will have received. This code will give a good discount on website prices. Cheers, Phil & Lesley

Magic Knife 3"
Keith diplock
11 October 2019

Bought them at ideal home expedition what’s great buy it was fantastic love ummm

Magic Knife 8"
Abigail Gardner
11 October 2019

slightly dissapointed as I need to sharpen it almost weekly. it gets used about 4 time,s then needs a sharpen. hadnt realised how bad till i tried to cut a bread roll (which they did in the demo) and it slid off onto my finger - that hurt ..... i was really excited to buy this but have to say, the hype was way better than the real result

MAGIC KNIFE 12 October 2019. Hi Abigail. This doesn't sound right. Could you email me on and let me know what you are using to sharpen them. Also, are you using a glass/marble type chopping board? Cheers, Phil & Lesley

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Each Magic Knife comes with 1 year guarantee.

If anything happens to your knife you can use our returns form to arrange a replacement or visit us at a show to exchange your knife.

We highly recommend washing your knife by hand.